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Deutsche eMark


The Deutsche (German) eMark (DEM) is a decentralized cryptocurrency that has existed since 2013. Like Bitcoin, it is based on blockchain technology and is generated through mining. Additionally, there is an interest rate (staking) of 3.8% per year when Deutsche eMark are held in a core wallet.



Deutsche eMark Wallet

To use Deutsche eMark, you need a so-called core wallet. This is like an online bank account that allows you to send and receive Deutsche eMark, manage an address book, and view the transaction history. With this wallet you also support the Deutsche eMark network and receive an interest rate of 3.8%.

Deutsche eMark


You can buy Deutsche eMark with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The German eMark is listed on the following crypto exchanges.

Deutsche eMark

Earning DEM

Generate DEM address in Core Wallet
Insert address and select DEM
Click on Surfbar and click ‘Discover’ on the eBesucher website